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Construction Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols as a construction security measure, are most effective if the site is currently dormant and you have no or low value goods on site. Construction mobile patrols officers can visit your site periodically and supply you with reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Vacant construction sites are most attractive to youths, vandals and squatters or travellers; these can often cause time consuming delays when you are ready to begin construction.

Construction Mobile Security

Mobile patrols can help to keep an eye on your building site and provide early indication that either there is a problem or and indication that they may be problems.

Construction Mobile patrols security guards will access your site and check to see if there is any indication of a break-in or an attempt to do so, travellers especially will check to see they can gain access before dozens of caravans enter your site to set up camp.

Construction Patrols Evidence

Youths will often set fires or graffiti before your construction site because a vandals paradise. Our mobile patrols will take pictures or video evidence of any evidence of activity so that steps can be made to prevent future problems. Or we will can give you indication that there is a problem, the frequency of the mobile patrols determine what notice if any you will receive.

When you approach the construction stage we can increase the frequency of the mobile patrols or step up the construction security measures to manned guarding, man and dog or CCTV coverage.

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