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Guard Dogs

Security Guard and Dogs

K9 Dog units on construction site, provide a real deterent in protecting large sites, where visibility is low. If a site is under frequent attack, from youths, travellers or has many places of entry, a security guard and dog unit can provide an effective deterent, Construction Security Guards provide a professional guard and dog service, which offers a high level of deterrent.

Construction Security Guard Dogs

For the best construction security, using security guard dogs on your construction site will deter more attempts on break ins on your building site that using manned guards. As soon as anyone approaches the perimeter of your site, the security guard dog will give a warning bite - the presence of a security guard dog on site, deters, thieves, and youths.

Security Guard Dogs

Especially in the construction industry, security guard dogs present a really threat, as it is perceived if someone gets bitten within the perimeters of construction site, where there are clear signs that guard dogs are in use on around the perimeter they will have little recourse.

Regular guard dog patrols

Construction security often requires security companies to guard open spaces in poor light, criminals can use sometimes difficult conditions to thwart manned guarding, there is no hiding or out running a well trained security guard dog and handler. We provide large, visible security signs indicating that guard dogs are in use, are security guard dog will regularly patrol your site, with the security dog.

Construction Security CCTV

Construction Security Guards can supply and fit CCTV systems made specifically for the construction industry, CCTV can be a useful part of security when backed up by on site construction security guards, or construction K9 units, or mobile response

Construction CCTV can be hard wired and connected to the internet, or advance wireless solar powered construction CCTV systems. Images recorded from your building site can be viewed by a control room or yourself over the internet. The construction cctv footage can be used to identify weak spots in your exisitn security methods, vistors or contractors whilst on site. A significant proportion of theft from building site can be linked to persons who have a legitimate reason to be on site, but a lack of security results in equipment disappearing day and night

Security Guards

Construction Security Guards are well experienced in guarding your site, we have the knowledge to guard your construction site during the day or night. All our guards are licensed by the SIA, they will remain on your building site, and keep a record of everyone that show ans interest in your security site. Credentials and authorisations are checked and nothing is allowed to be removed from the construction site out of hours, without your express permission. provides a variety of security guards solutions.

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